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Hawaii Business

L&L Brings Hawaii to the World | Hawaii Business Magazine

BEFORE BECOMING A global franchise operation, L&L began in the 1950s as a modest business called L&L Dairy, owned by father and son Robert Lee and Robert Lee Jr. That restaurant, now called L&L Drive-Inn, still stands at 1711 Liliha St. in Kalihi, but today it is one of 190, thanks to L&L president and CEO Eddie Flores Jr. and his team.


Westward Ho

Seeing legendary Don Ho fly through the air in a tiki is one of the treasures to be found at 'Ulu 'ulu:


The Unwanted Things Your Kids Teach You – The Inspiring Bee

Being a parent teaches me a lot of things. Sometimes it forces me to learn things I’d rather not learn. Things like how to survive the world with less than a few hours of sleep or how to cook dinner with a crying toddler and un-soothable five-month old or how to be patient when you haven’t slept in three years. Things like that.

Hawaii Business

Hawaii Business Magazine | Locally Owned, Locally Committed ...


onprofits always need specialized help at an affordable price. Meanwhile, skilled professionals want meaningful volunteer opportunities that go beyond stuffing envelopes. Rachael Chong says Catchafire solves both issues with a database that connects businesspeople’s skills with nonprofits’ needs.

Hawaii Business

What's It Worth: Will Work for Food | Hawaii Business Magazine

It’s an economical and eco-friendly way to eliminate overgrowth on land, and the workers are cute and quiet.

Chris Wilcox, then a boat captain for a fish-farming operation on Hawaii Island, switched gears in 2013 and started Big Island Goat Dozers, which uses goats to clear land for homeowners and homeowner associations.

Hawaii Business

What's It Worth?: His Goal is a Better Santa's Visit | Hawaii Business ...

Disappointed with a neighborhood Santa Claus as a kid, Mike Ching has made it his mission for three decades to offer a better Santa experience for his clients.

It’s all in the details. Some of his custom-made Santa suits weigh almost 50 pounds and take about 30 minutes to get into. Each are outfitted with accessories such as gold buckles and real black boots because kids recognize the difference. “We heard kids say this Santa is real cause he has real boots,” says Ching.

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Whole Life Magazine - January/February 2015

Whole Life Magazine - January/February 2015

Hawaii girl beach chair elansunstar lores 300x197 article

Rock a Hawaiian Lifestyle Wherever You Are | Whole Life Times ...

The minute you step off the plane in Hawaii, your heart rate slows, breathing deepens and stress instantly melts. Being in Hawaii makes you feel not just physically better, but spiritually and emotionally as well. Should we credit tropical breezes, warm sand and the soothing sound of waves? Maybe all of these, but it’s also the local culture that exudes a serene sense of soulful living. So why not cultivate a kamaʻāina (Hawaiian for “child of the land”) state of mind wherever you are? Aloha shirt is optional.

15 mar 20 for 20 solomon enos article
Hawaii Business

Meet the 20 for the Next 20 for 2015 | Hawaii Business Magazine ...

Jobs. cultural preservation. The environment. These issues offer challenges to Hawaii today and solving them is no small feat, but Solomon Enos is attempting to tackle each with every stroke of his paintbrush.

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Types of Family Structures

The best gift you can give your kids is the gift of appreciation. However, this goes beyond simply saying, "Thank you." The key is to engage your kids in fun, and interactive activities that will foster life-long skills of empathy and compassion.


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Oahu

As the main hub of the Hawaiian Islands, its no wonder Oahu is the most visited island. Serving up big city fun in a small island setting, this vibrant island offers the best of both worlds-tropical verdure and a lively night scene. Here are 10 more reasons why you should make a trip to Oahu.


Brandi-Ann Uyemura, Author at QuickBooks | Page 1 of 3 | QuickBooks

Brandi-Ann Uyemura, Author at QuickBooks | Page 1 o...

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45th Annual Ukulele Festival - Hawaii.com

Thousands of people have been enticed to the Kapiolani Park Bandstand in Waikiki by the sweet sounds of the ukulele since the first Ukulele Festival in 1970. The festival is the brainchild of Roy Sakuma who is often credited for the proliferation of the ukulele and its national and international acclaim, and his wife Kathy Sakuma. “It started off as a dream to showcase the ukulele as more than an accompaniment, but a solo instrument. It’s definitely received the recognition deserving of it. It’s been a blessing that it’s happened…my dream of having the ukulele recognized and become internationally known has come true,” says Roy Sakuma.

Bullying article

What to Do if Your Boyfriend Is Bullying You

Bullying isn't just something that occurs online, at school or at work. Although love is not supposed to hurt, many girls get involved with guys that leave them blindsided. Instead of experiencing the love they desire, they feel afraid, badly about themselves and put down. Because bullying doesn't always involve physical or sexual abuse, some women may not even realize there's a problem.

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Windows worth investing in - Windows Hawaii | Hawaii Renovation

Windows worth investing in - Windows Hawaii | Hawai...