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Kaukau article

Kau Kau: Hawaii's Food Story Beyond the Mixed Plate

If you think Hawaiian food is barbecue meat, rice, macaroni salad and anything else they stuff in a typical mainland plate lunch you are at least half right. How about the other part? Well let’s just say you are about to be set straight. In the 184-paged hard cover award winning book, Kau Kau: Cuisine & Culture in the Hawaiian Islands, local Hawaii author Arnold Hiura dives into the real treasures of the islands–its multicultural history.

Henrynakata article

Aspen Ten Leaves its Legacy on Japantown's History

If you think San Jose Japantown is solely made up of restaurants and small shops, think again. Housed in a studio apartment and in the back corner of the Nichi Bei Bussan store lie a hint of Japanese culture’s past and future. While the Aspen Ten shoji screens displayed there reflects local art at its finest, it is the man behind it that embodies the culture and history of Japantown.