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Spring clean diet article
Spirituality & Health

Spring Clean Your Diet | Spirituality & Health Magazine

Convenience reigns when it comes to health. This is indicative in plastic water bottles and snack subscription boxes. But when diet fads fade, where do you go to fill up physically, emotionally and spiritually? Use these ancient practices described in Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom to revamp and spring clean your eating.

Creative workout article
Spirituality & Health

Creativity Workout: High and Low Impact Exercises | Spirituality ...

Many kick start the New Year with a new physical exercise routine. But a creative mind can also get weak with neglect. A robust creative life takes just as much effort as a healthy sweat session. If you’re in need of novel practices to shake up your normal routine, here are a few low and high impact exercises to inspire more impromptu creative moments.

Reading your favorite books article
Spirituality & Health

8 Writing Prompts Inspired by Your Favorite Books | Spirituality ...

Give me a cup of tea and well-worn book, and the outside noise quiets in reverence to the words on a page. There is something sacred about the written word. It’s the one constant while friends, jobs and situations ebb and flow.

Craniosacral article
Spirituality & Health

How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Health

How Childhood Trauma Affects Adult Health

Open uri20140417 21807 6utwcr article
Spirituality & Health

Understanding the Healing Power of Rolfing

Massages were a rare treat until a new baby, a lifetime with scoliosis, and bad posture were wreaking havoc on my neck and shoulders. And they felt great while I was there. But all that kneading over creaking knots was temporary. I had to keep going back to get any benefits. I tried everything from massage to reiki, but on a hunt for something longer lasting, I decided to try Rolfing.

- See more at: http://spiritualityhealth.com/articles/understanding-healing-power-rolfing#sthash.OycfpEZs.dpuf